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The growth of Mobile ads

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UK Mobile Ad Spend Hits £1bn | Mobile Marketing Magazine

UK Mobile Ad Spend Hits £1bn | Mobile Marketing Magazine. Mobile ad spend broke the billion pound mark in 2013, hitting £1.03bn, 93 per cent up on the 2012 total of £529m, according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) Digital Adspend report, conducted

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Pourquoi la publicité mobile va décoller ? (source: l’expansion)

Grâce aux smartphones et aux applications iPhone, la publicité sur mobile est enfin parée au décollage. L’efficacité est au rendez-vous et la croissance atteint 30%. Le grand mercato des régies a démarré, le marché se structure à l’aide de standards

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Orange puts Blyk to good use with mobile brand advertising offering (Source: GoMo News)

There was a bit of a skirmish last year, in July 2009. Ad-supported mobile network Blyk went through a “will-they-won’t-they” period of shutting up shop, before finally dissolving and merging parts of the company with mobile operator Orange. And now Orange is

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Apple buying mobile ad network Quattro Wireless for $275M? (Source:

By Chris Ziegler posted Jan 4th 2010 11:19PM Now that everyone and their mother’s got a smartphone, you’ve got a pile of sweaty capitalists pounding on the door trying to find every last conceivable way to turn the trend into

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Tips for mobile marketing in 2010 – (source:

A very interesting one – just stolen from: One digital stalwart has six tips for account managers looking to consider mobile advertising in next year’s campaigns. Just two years ago, Steve Jobs brought the iPhone to the world and

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UK: Blyk is about to sign a partnership deal with Orange (source:

Blyk, the popular ad-funded mobile operator from the UK, is about to sign a partnership deal with Orange. The deal, as you can easily guess, offers free talk time and SMS credit for users for getting ads on their mobile

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