IKEA Fans … the real brand fans


Written by Nicole Niemann on August 12th, 2009

What will happen if you as a brand don’t create an online social hotspot for your fans? What about a space where your brand fans can gather and you can facilitate them with the latest news about your products? A spot where fans can generate their own ideas or follow the discussions around your brand? IKEA did not seize this opportunity, but their fans fans did!


IKEA fans personalized the IKEA experience and created their own spot online; here you can follow or join the latest discussions about IKEA, its furniture, kitchens etc.

You can see the latest blog posts, stories about IKEA online and they even have the IKEApedia!

Very nicely done and you wonder whether this is a missed opportunity by IKEA. Did they forget about their fans or did IKEA leave it up to its fans to create their own social hotspot? Wouldn’t it have been better to facilitate their fans with all materials available by IKEA?

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