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What Is Social Media and Social Media Marketing?


Let’s take a look at both.

Let’s put them in terms that will be easy to understand.

Social Media is “internet real estate” that is a collection of internet sites that have social functions on the site that allow people to:

1) Communicate with each other.

2) Develop New Relationships and join communities like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and Myspace.

3) Connect with people with the same interests and discover many new ideas and possibilities.

4) Share their thoughts, pictures, videos and ideas.

5) Grow in a manner socially that they may have never had the chance to do before.

Social Media sites, or Web 2.0 as it is also known, is a powerful system of Connection that allows people to Connect, Construct, and Converse on many levels in the Social media-sphere.

There are many ways to do this.


You can connect on just about any level with blogs, wikis, social
networking sites, micro blogging sites, news sites, social bookmarking
sites, and podcast and LIVE streaming video sites.

The list is endless.

You can CONNECT via personal emails, writing on social pages, and
even joining groups and commneting on blogs. It is truly amazing what
the Social Media arena offers the Professional as well as the person
that just like the idea of connecting with others.


You can Construct new friendships and new relationships with social
media. You can do this by “be-friending” people and joining their
“circle of Influence” which allows you to contact their friends as well
and ask permission to become their friends too. This gives you the
ability to Construct a solid online friendship that many times is tkakn
offline and what we call “localized.” You can meet them in your own
town if that is where they live.


Conversation is one of the main keys to Social Media. Talking to
people that you know- and people that you barely know- about what they
want to talk about as well as yourself. You do this with many different
tools- such as blogs, posts, direct messages, notes to people, audio
and videos posted, as well as plain old email through the social site
system- like what the social media site Facebook has.

Conversation is the key to contributing to the community. And there is a secret to the process:


And share with your friends new ideas and possibilities that you think are of Value. You do this with “tweets” from twitter, “notes” from facebook, “vids” from Youtube, podcasts from mp3s, and emails from LinkedIn.

There are currently over 3,500 social sites- and growing. These
sites offer hundreds of millions of people that have joined them, and
thus hundreds of millions of possible new connections and conversations.

The 4 “Social Media Platforms” ™ for Social Media are:

1) Social Networking Sites: like facebook, Plaxo, Myspace, LinkedIn, Friendster, and Black planet.

2) Video and audio sites- like Youtube, Revver, Metacafe, and Godtube- plus podcasts sites like Podcast alley.

3) Blogging and Text sites– like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Twitter, and Squarespace.

4) Social Bookmarking Sites– like Digg, Reddit, Mixx, and Stumbleupon.

And what new software developments are coming in the future?

Many are on the drawing board, and we will see new sites popping up daily.

The MAIN reason that I see that Social Sites are so popular is the CONNECTION factor to:

New ideas.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It is the process of engaging Social Media sites for Branding, Messaging, Teaching, Exposing, and Connecting to possible new prospects for the product and business.

It is different though than traditional marketing, as traditional
marketing relies on linear communication and where the corporation
determines the market flow.

In social media, the communication is less linear, and the social
community determines much of the market flow. Right now, over 50% of
all Fortune 500 companies are using social media for their business.


And it is growing.

Social Media is perfect for Marketing in 3 ways:

1) Getting your Brand known and exposed to a whole new grouping of people.

2) Using it to Communicate with your prospects and current customers- for customer support and product info.

3) Building new Relationships with other businesses and
people to create a community that shares the enthusiasm for your
products and business that you do.

Social Media and Social Media Marketing is
in it’s infancy and will be for a few more years, as it morphs and
continues to transform into something that has yet to be seen. many are
saying that Social Media will take over traditional media. That has yet
to be seen, but the possibility is there for sure in the future for Social Media Marketing

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