The full-screen ad units will help mobile marketers reach consumers on a more broad range of mobile platforms while at the same time assisting app developers to better monetize their content. Earlier this year Greystripe released full-screen mobile ads for the iPhone.

Greystripe has delivered more than 300 million ad-supported games and apps to the iPhone and Java platforms; adding the Android base will give marketers another toe-hold into the rapidly expanding smartphone arena. Since its release Android has quickly gained favor amongst consumers. Although iPhone remains the leader it is clear that the smartphone battle, for consumers, is only just beginning.

“Given users reluctance to adopt Google Checkout and pay for apps, the free-ad supported model makes sense for Android,” said Michael Chang, CEO for Greystripe. “As the number of Android phones has reached critical mass, providing a cross-platform solution that reaches a broad base of consumers becomes even more important for our developers.”

A recent BIA/Kelsey forecast predicts that geo-targeted ad revenues, led by the increased use of mobile devices by consumers, will reach nearly $2 billion by 2013. That is an expected 66% increase; local marketers are likely to lead the charge as they seek new ways to engage consumers who want specific information in a timely manner.

The Android SDK release from Greystripe allows marketers to utilize pre-roll, interstitial and post-roll ad formats.

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