via Engaging consumers: Paid, owned, earned and hijacked media | LeaderLab.

Posted: December 3rd, 2010 | Author: Sofus Midtgaard

In a more connected and transparent world, listening to consumer dialogue and rapidly responding to consumer critique or needs is crucial. From a narrow focus onpaid and owned communication companies today should focus more on how the sum of their activities are affecting their earned communication.

With the explosions of in the use search engines like Google and social media like Facebook and Twitter, earned communication plays an increasingly important role in consumer choice of products and services in the future.

Source: Forrester

As this Forrester survey documents – the opinion of friends or people you know have tried a product are the most important factor in deciding whether to buy a product. This is not new some would argue. Word of mouth has always been a critical part of the consumer decision-making process. But the new thing is that access to word of mouth and global consumers opinions have improved dramatically with the Internet and Social Media. Consumers today are crowd-sourcing decissions on anything from what cell-phone service to choose, what online banks are Mac-compatible and what carrier bike are best for transporting their children


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