Display, Mobile Key Drivers of Western European Digital Ad Spending Growth – eMarketer.

Investment in digital ads more mature in Germany, France

Digital advertising has evolved at different speeds in the leading Western European nations. Germany, the largest Continental market, is more mature than France in this respect, and both are more advanced than Italy and Spain, according to a new eMarketer report, “Western Europe Digital Ad Spending: Display and Mobile Remain Key Drivers of Regional Growth.”

eMarketer expects investment in digital ads to rise steadily in all EU-5 nations through 2017, but the relative rankings of these countries will remain unchanged. Germany, for example, will account for an estimated 19.9% of regional spending in 2013 and 19.1% in 2017. France will claim 9.9% of digital ad investments this year. Italy and Spain will continue to lag in share, thanks chiefly to the severe economic difficulties both countries are suffering.

In Germany, growth in digital ad spending is expected to peak in 2013, while France should see its most dramatic gains next year. In Italy and Spain, by contrast, the economic turmoil of recent years has severely hindered the development of digital advertising. Growth rates in both countries, which reflect those markets’ relative immaturity, are still climbing and are projected to begin falling only after 2015.

In most of Western Europe’s major ad markets, expenditure on search ads is diminishing as a share of total digital ad investments, while display advertising is increasing—and helping fuel digital ad spending growth. The popularity of video ads among both consumers and advertisers is a major driver of display’s growth in the region.

Thanks to surging levels of mobile usage, including smartphone ownership, mobile ad spending is rising more rapidly than any other category of digital ad spending in major Western European markets—and driving gains in the digital ad market overall. This is still a very young industry; in 2013, mobile internet ads will account for less than 9% of total digital ad outlays in France and Germany, for example, and less than 6% in Spain. By 2017, though, an estimated 36.5% of all digital ad spending in Spain will go to the mobile internet.

With respect to investments in the mobile web, Germany will place second (behind the UK) in terms of mobile internet ad spending in 2013, with outlays of $436 million [≈ 2008 presidential election contributions to John McCain], and its share of the regional total will rise dramatically, from 12.2% this year to an estimated 18.4% in 2017. France, Italy and Spain will also grow their proportions during the period, but none will represent even 10% of the regional market in 2017.

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