Well, it’s already that time of year where it becomes popular to look at marketing trends for the year ahead. Many readers will naturally have been planning and prioritising how you invest in marketing in the year ahead for some time already.

In my article on digital marketing trends for 2015 we asked readers of Smart Insights to vote on what they saw as the most commercially significant trend for their business in the year ahead. We have now had over 600 responses – thanks if you have voted! If you’re still able to share to learn about managing digital marketing, I’d be really grateful if you could complete this more in-depth survey about Managing Digital Marketing in 2015 – there are 5 prizes available and everyone who completes the survey will get a free copy of the final report.

Here are the results of the poll on the biggest trend for 2015.

No surprise that content marketing topped the poll for the third-year running, in fact it was even further ahead compared to previous years since mobile marketing and social media marketing have declined in importance as marketers have implemented these. It’s close for second, third and fourth position. It’s significant that ‘Big Data’ is still in second position although the hype has receded. I think this shows the potential for companies to implement more in data-driven marketing techniques in 2015, which will likely be closely related to marketing automation which is in third place.


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