Advertisers can now tailor Twitter ads based on mobile app data | ZDNet.

Twitter announced Monday that advertisers can now customize ads to Twitter users based on their actions within mobile apps.

Twitter is calling the system tailored audiences, as it tips advertisers off to a user’s history of app usage, such as installs, in-app purchases or sign-ups. Advertisers can use that data to find the users most likely to respond to their marketing content as they push through their campaigns.


For instance, Twitter said in a blog post that the program helps advertisers ensure that app sign-up ads are not displayed to users who already have the app installed. It can also help them spot high-value users most similar to those who are actively using an app.

The move comes just weeks after Twitter told users that it planned to begin collecting the datain order to make the content they see more individualized and interesting. It also comes at a time when Twitter is hungry for more ad revenue and looking for ways to give advertisers more access to its users.

Of course, not all Twitter users will want to app activity tracked and sold to advertisers, so the San Francisco-based company pointed out ways to boost privacy and opt out of the program. Twitter users can prevent their app lists from being collected by choosing the “Limit Ad Tracking” or “Opt out of interest-based ads” features on their mobile devices.

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