Super Bowl XLIX.

Some watch to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks, while others cheer for the New England Patriots. And then there are those who watch specifically for the commercials (and that famous 7-layer dip).

Here, we’re all about the commercials. In case you want to see them again, or perhaps missed one or two during a quick run to the bathroom.

“Sorta Your Mom” – Esurance

Amy Purdy – How Great I am – The Bold New Camry

“Boston Tea Party” – TurboTax

“Who I am” – Kate Upton, Game of War

“Newfangled Idea” – BMW i3, Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric

Minions – Super Fans

“The Brady Bunch” – Snickers

“Come Back To The Sea – Carnival

Click here to watch video.

“Lost Dog” – Budweiser

Lexus NX – Make Some Noise

Middle Seat – Doritos

#KimsDataStash – T-Mobile

Invisible Mindy – Nationwide

Terminator Genisys

Coca Cola – #MakeItHappy

Furious 7 trailer

#RealStrength – Dove Men + Care

#WithDad – Nissan

Make Safe Happen – Nationwide

All You Can Eat – Weight Watchers

Pay With Lovin’ – McDonalds

Say My Name – Esurance

The FIAT Blue Pill

Working – GoDaddy

Braylon O’Neill – Microsoft


My Bold Dad – Toyota USA

Pitch Perfect 2

#LikeAGirl – Always

“Hall” – Relaxed Fit Sketchers with Pete Rose

American Family Insurance

Sprint’s Super Apology


“The Perfect Getaway” – Kia, Pierce Brosnan

T-Mobile – Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler

“Brewed The Hard Way” – Budweiser

Beautiful lands – Jeep Renegade

#ButterBelieveIt – Jack in the Box

National Bank of Arizona

Ted 2

“All-Powerless” – Mophie


Real Life PacMan – Bud Light

“Fable” – Mercedes-Benz

When Pigs Fly – Doritos

#ItsThatEasy –

Victoria’s Secret


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