The Top 10 Big Data Challenges [Infographic].

This week’s infographic looks at the top 10 challenges organizations face in capitalizing on Big Data, courtesy ofTata Consultancy Services.


tweet infographic

The Top 10 Big Data Challenges

1. Cutural: Getting business units to share information across organizational silos

2. Technological: Being able to handle the large volume, velocity and variety of Big Data

3. Cultural: Determining what data, both structured and unstructured, and internal and external) to use for different business decisions

4. Cultural: Building high levels of trust between the data scientists who present insights on Big Data and the functional managers

5. Cultural: Finding and hiring data scientists who can manage large amounts of structured and unstructured data, and create insights

6. Cultural: Getting top management in the company to approve investments in Big Data and its related investments (e.g., training)

7. Technological: Putting our analysis of Big Data in a presentable form for making decisions (e.g., visualization/visual models)

8. Cultural: Finding the optimal way to organize Big Data activities in our company

9. Cultural: Understanding where int he company we should focus our Big Data investments

10. Cultural: Determining what to do with the insights that are created from Big Data


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