Mesh resource for marketers that pulls some hot 2015 marketing trends and predictions from leading experts into one gorgeous graphic dashboard for desktop and tablet users 

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Interactive Source:

They culled the predictions and trends for 2015 into elements on the table from some of the most widely respect sources—and some not-so-well known ones, in an effort to provide marketers with a resource for inspiration, news, and content. Sources include Neil Patel over at Quick Sprout, Cindy King and a host of experts over at Social Media Examiner, Ryan Holmes at Hootsuite and many, many more (we originally posted a list of sources 2 months ago, but we’ll be updating that shortly).

The elements are organized into 10 groups ranging from Video to Social, and Big Data to Fun Trends. Mesh summarized the trends, and provided some takeaways for each. Each element features the source (or sources) allowing you to dig a little deeper into the larger conversation. 

Interactive Source:


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