Toronto, ON, November 10, 2015 Today, StackAdapt announced that it has passed over 1,500 campaigns run on its native advertising platform, which helps Fortune 500 brands and agencies reach new audiences with branded content through native advertising. StackAdapt accesses native ad inventory across over 30,000 publisher sites including ABC News, Reuters, USA Today and Popular Science, reflecting a trend toward branded content instead of traditional interruptive display ads.

Ads placed through StackAdapt have an average click-through rate of 0.4-0.8 per cent, which is between 85-93% higher than the average 0.06 per cent click-through rate on display ads (Smart Insights). StackAdapt ads appear as sponsored content in a publisher’s feed, and users who click on a ad spend an average of one-minute-forty seconds to three-minutes-ten seconds on the advertiser’s website.

“Everyone hates being sold to, so we set out to build a solution that would help brands create more meaningful relationships with their audience,” said Vitaly Pecherskiy, co-founder, StackAdapt. “Content is king, and native advertising is the clear winner when it comes to engaging an audience online.”

StackAdapt has partnered with over thirty major native advertising exchanges including TripleLift, AdsNative, and InMobi, making it the world’s largest demand-side platform for distributing branded content. Using the platform, advertisers can customize the content of their native ad, including the text, image, and click-through URL, and can target by location, device, operating system, and contextual relevancy. Advertisers buy ads using real-time bidding, and can pay to choose to pay based on a CPM or CPC basis.

StackAdapt has compiled data on the verticals with the highest click-through rates, highlighting where the biggest opportunity lies for brands looking to launch native ad campaigns. CPG advertisers see the highest success rate with native ads, with a 0.52 per cent CTR, while travel (0.47 per cent), automotive (0.35 per cent), style and fashion (0.38 per cent), and technology (0.25 per cent) also prove to have high engagements.

More publishers are adding native advertising inventory as a new revenue stream, and new research from StackAdapt reveals which verticals are adopting native advertising the fastest. Arts and entertainment represents 18 per cent of the available native ad impression volume, with hobbies and interests (15 per cent), technology (11 per cent), news (9 per cent), and food and drink (8 per cent) representing the next highest verticals.


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