72% of Executives anticipate massive change trough digital in media vs 61% in Bank and 47% in healthcare (RRA 2015)



Every year, Russell Reynolds surveys over 2,000 CEOs and C level executives to understand how digital is transforming talent and leadership needs in organizations. It covers areas including setting and executing digital strategy, organizational structure, advocacy for digital and barriers which organizations need to overcome to realize the possibilities of digital. Each year this helps our clients know what’s next, right now when it comes to maximizing the positive impact of digital on their own organizations.

source: http://www.russellreynolds.com/insights/thought-leadership/digital-pulse-2015

Digital pulse answers key questions which are being asked in organizations like:

  • Who owns Digital?
  • What are the digital aims of the organizations?
  • Do organizations have a Digital Strategy?
  • What is the talent gap when it comes to defining and executing the enterprise-level Digital Strategy?
  • Who owns which elements of Digital?
  • Which functions are the most impacted by Digital?
  • What are the biggest barriers to Digital Effectiveness in organizations?


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