Dive Brief:

  • Research from Sitecore, an experience management software firm, on mobile marketing found that 41% of brands surveyed surveyed reported having either no mobile strategy or a strategy that hasn’t been implemented.
  • Nearly three-fourths (70%) reported not being able to deliver on a mobile experience strategy for at least six months.
  • The low adoption figures stand out against the 97% of respondents who said a good mobile experience impacts customer loyalty.

Source: Survey: 41% of Brands Say They Have No Mobile Marketing Plan in Place | KoMarketing

Many buyers use their mobile devices for purchases, but a new survey published by Sitecore and Vanson Bourne has discovered that not all brands are prepared to market via this channel.

In a survey of 450 brand marketers, about 97 percent said that they believe a good mobile experience impacts customer loyalty. However, 41 percent said they have no mobile marketing strategy or have yet to implement an existing plan.

Just 51 percent said that they personalize marketing content for mobile web customers, and 61 percent have a mobile-optimized website in place. Approximately 70 percent stated that their companies will not deliver on a mobile experience plan for at least another six months.

“As mobile devices have overtaken PCs for Internet access, brands must include the mobile environment when defining the customer experiences they deliver,” said Scott Anderson, CMO of Sitecore. “Consumers now expect a contextual experience inclusive of mobile and will reward brands with loyalty for doing so while punishing those that don’t with decreased business. All consumers today should be considered the mobile consumer.”

The data found that security features (password log-in), speed, and convenience are the three most important factors to consider when creating  a well-received mobile experience.


Not all brands have mobile marketing strategies in place, but organizations continue to invest in this channel. The “Annual Advertising and Marketing Study”released by Outsell discovered that mobile will represent $23 billion ≈ cost of 2004 Hurricane Ivan

≈ Harry Potter movie franchise revenue
≈ net worth of Charles Koch, American business man, 2011
≈ cost of construction of Channel tunnel connecting the UK to France
≈ Manhattan Project, the original US program to develop the atomic bomb

“>[≈ cost of 2005 Hurricane Wilma] of overall annual digital marketing spend in the U.S. this year.

In total, digital marketing spend over the course of 2016 is predicted to reach$228 billion ≈ cost of San Francisco 1906 earthquake

≈ Mobile computer industry sales, 2011
≈ Gold reserves in Fort Knox, 10/2011 prices

“>[≈ all real estate in Brooklyn, NYC, 2010], according to the report.


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