#DIS2016 will focus this year on Digital Transformation and all about managing and monetizing disruptive innovations. Whether created through opportunity capture, adaptive defense or new ventures, today’s digital ecosystems are evolving rapidly. As rapidly as companies compete for top talent, drive higher engagement levels from their customers, and ultimately define their organization’s future profitability. The digital ecosystem needs to be designed, planned and implemented now, as organizations are called upon to integrate the latest virtual technologies, pioneer new business models and guide their organizations toward next generation environments. If smart, robust digital innovation and technology strategies are your priority, you won’t want to miss #DIS2016 as we uncover the keys to success.

May 10th in Brussels during the Data Innovation Summit about Digital Transformation presented by#womenintech.
– Over 40 speakers presented their view on #digitaltransformation
– Sold out: Over 500 experts attended

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The European Data Innovation Hub is a contributing actor in the data innovation ecosystem and supports data professionals throughout Belgium with networking activities, events, training and meeting facilities, e-learning platform, co-working space and mentorship.
We foster grassroots community initiatives and take the burden out of organising them. As a facilitator and catalyst we support the plans and ambition of professionals, academics and government by helping them to connect, organise, share, learn and inspire.


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