Travel is the most appealing type of virtual reality (VR) experience for internet users in the UK, according to April 2016 research. A majority said they wanted the experience of visiting other cities or locations from the comfort of their own headset. Virtual music experiences were nearly as popular.

Source: What Do UK Internet Users Want from Virtual Reality? – eMarketer

Types of Virtual Reality Experiences that UK Internet Users Would Like to Have, April 2016 (% of respondents)

Ipsos MORI also found that more than half of UK internet users were interested in “attending” music events via VR. No other type of VR experience drew a majority of respondents ages 16 to 75, though solid shares of them were interested in fantastical experiences like walking on water, being able to virtually attend plays or films, or actually being part of a movie themselves.

While younger internet users are more interested in experiences aided by VR, about a third of those ages 55 to 75 who are also curious about the experience.

Media/Channels from Which UK Internet Users Would Like to Receive Virtual Reality Content, April 2016 (% of respondents)

Given that VR is still in a relatively early stage, it may be understandable that users would look to more traditional, trusted sources for their VR content. Longstanding broadcasters in the UK—the BBC, Sky, etc.—lead the way as desired providers, as 41% of those surveyed say they would turn to them for VR content.

But on-demand services enjoy some popularity, too. About three in 10 say they would like to see content provided by companies like Netflix, and another 27% would view content from social media sites. Only about a quarter would be interested in seeing content provided via a VR-specific channel or site.

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