In the time it took to write, edit and post this piece, Pokémon Go pocketed over $160k on nearly 73k downloads between iOS an Android devices

Source: Pokémon Go makes more in 5 minutes than most do in a year

Screenshots and all, it took all of 15 minutes to write this piece, edit it and schedule it to post on our our social media accounts.

In that same timeframe, Pokémon Go has been downloaded a staggering 72,998 times and pocketed Nintendo and Niantic a cool $163,099 [≈ cost of raising a child to 17, lower-income family] (estimated). In the same 15 minutes, I’ve written a few words, pocketed a couple dollars of my monthly salary and watched in awe as AppInstitute (a DIY app builder) charted Pokémon Go’s estimated real-time assault on the word.


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