Source: 85% of Olympics Fans are Second-Screeners

With the Olympics approaching at the end of this week, Wednesday’s Chart takes a look at a major route via which brands and advertisers can reach fans – second-screening.

It’s some 85% of Olympics Fans who say they use another device while watching TV. Mobiles are the clear favorite here, now being used by 62% (up by five percentage points since 2014). In contrast, laptops and PCs have both seen dips over the same period.

Social actions like chatting to friends and checking social networks are the top dual-screening behaviors, with many evidently keen to connect with other fans and see reactions to the games in real-time.

And while just 14% of these second-screeners say they share opinions and only 13% report interacting with the online content of a TV show, that small minorities are doing this still demonstrates the opportunity to integrate off-screen online activities with on-screen content among this group.

For more information on the digital behaviors and attitudes of Olympics Fans, clients can download our Olympics Fans report here.

85% of Olympics Fans are Second-Screeners

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