“From the album artwork to the friendships I’ve built over the years with musicians, it’s all a part of my creative process”

– Paul Smith

Screenshot 2016-08-10 06.58.30

Let Paul guide you through his record collection as he curates3 special playlists for Apple Music, while exploring the role music plays in his creative process.

Paul’s trio of themed playlists is also accompanied by a short film shot in various locations around Notting Hill including Paul’s regular spot of record shopping, Rough Trade, and his office in Covent Garden.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 07.03.10

Most of these may seem pretty obvious but they remind me of all my years spent travelling around the world on trains and planes gradually growing the business from just a little shop in Nottingham, England to selling in more thanseventy different countries.

I have lots of personal connections with people on the playlist. From Van Morrison who bought my house from me, to Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page who I recently collaborated with, to Bowie and Patti who have both been good friends throughout my life.

I don’t have as much time as I used to to unearth new music and so these are just great songs that I always come back to.


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