Source: This pretty e-paper smart calendar is everything I want in a gadget – The Verge

A designer named Kosho Tsuboi has conceived a beautiful gadget idea. His product, the Magic Calendar, is an e-paper calendar that syncs with a smartphone to display your schedule. The project is associated with Google’s Android Experiments, which appears to be a Japanese program in which creators can pitch ideas for Android-centered gadgets. In this case, the calendar relies on a custom Android app, and, judging off the below video, uses Google Calendar for syncing.

There aren’t many details on how exactly the calendar works or what the app is like — if there is, I’m not seeing it because the main website is in Japanese. But I think the idea is what’s important here. Who wouldn’t want to own this minimal e-paper calendar? It looks like Tsuboi has also experimented with a desk-size version, too.

 Kosho Tsuboi

The Magic Calendar was on display in Japan earlier this month and was chosen to be further developed, so maybe someday we’ll see it in our homes or offices, at least in Japan.


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