Source: Why Virtual Reality Matters to Marketing [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Virtual reality is seen as the next big shift, the closest thing a digital environment can provide to actually being present and in the moment.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have summed up the coming VR shift best – in a Facebook Live Q and A session last year, Zuckerberg noted that the internet has advanced from mostly text, to photos, and now video.

“But the question you have to ask is ‘is video the end of the line? To me, that’s what VR is about – that presence, feeling like you’re actually there with someone.”

Indeed, Zuck has a point – people gravitate towards the most accessible and advanced medium within their capacity to share their experiences. Right now, that’s video, the closest thing you can get to re-creating a moment. But soon, VR will be the thing.

And along with that increased attention comes increased opportunity for marketers. So how will virtual reality change marketing? This new infographic from WebPage FX provides an overview of the current state of play for VR and where things are headed – and how marketers can tap into the next big shift.

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