Source: [INFOGRAPHIC] How to Create Infographics for Content Marketing

Infographics can be powerful content marketing tools.

The format can help brands easily explain complicated subjects, processes, or data-driven insights. Research has found that people who follow directions with text and illustrations do so 323% better than those using just text. And nearly 50% of the brain is focused on visual processing.

Plus, social media networks prioritize visual content – and strong visuals catch peoples’ eyes. Tweets with images get 313% more engagement.

At NewsCred, we’ve found infographics to be valuable top-of-funnel content.

Emails that have “[INFOGRAPHIC]” in subject lines tend to get high open and click-through rates. And of all the content we produced in 2016, an infographic we created about Snapchat received the second-highest amount of pageviews and the most media pick-up. (Twenty publications ran it).

However, creating an infographic requires time and resources: In addition to deciding what the infographic will be about, gathering relevant data, and crafting a narrative, you also have to identify a goal for the infographic, create a distribution strategy, work with designers, and go through rounds of reviews and revisions.

Our friends at IBM THINK Marketing have created a helpful infographic and article that covers those steps. Read more in Ins and Out of Creating Awesome Infographics and see the infographic below.

IBM_Ins and Outs of Awesome Infographics.png


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