#BogotanoPorAdopción is a campaign that invites all residents of the capital to take care of Bogata.

Year after year, tourists, investors, students and workers arrive in Bogota in search of experiences and opportunities. They bring new blood, education, workforce and development to the country. Bogotá is known to be a city open to Colombians everywhere and also to everyone from around the world, who often arrive as tourists or students and end up making their professional and family life here. More than 32% of the city's residents came to live in this hospitable city from abroad.

In May, the mothers' day month, Havas, wanted to pay tribute to this city that has welcomed millions of people from diverse backgrounds. Those who came to look for a job, to build opportunities and also to who here found love and started a family. "The #BogotanoPorAdopción campaign celebrates everyone who by celebrating this city can make it better, more beautiful and more friendly. The film invites everyone to "take care of it" says Andrés Norato, Creative Director of Havas in Colombia. The voice in French is by Jacques Seguelá, Co-founder of Havas creative agency and one of the great advertising creatives of the century.

"It is a value chain that favors many: each # BogotanoPorAdopción is someone who often sends back money to their country or city of origin, which in tern increases job vacancies in that region and fosters economic growth. But, more importantly, that person feels adopted by a city that has open arms and one that wants to continue its growth focusing on this inclusive approach, "says Jorge Contreras, Director of Customer Service of the agency.

This year, Havas, with its HQ in Paris France, celebrates 20 in Bogota. For 20 years the teams at Havas have been working on advertising strategies that have been loved and amplified by the same people, the same city that this film pays tribute to.


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