This is the second edition of the havas media analysis about impact of Covid-19 on media consumption and consumer behaviors in Belgium. Additionally, we provide you some reflections about and thoughts on opportunities and on a meaningful communications approach. A few local and international examples are also included.

In a nutshell

Evolution of  Televison Reach – Opportunities

  • Audiences are going to be up +20% for the foreseeable future (during lockdown). Last week data confirm this evolution.
  • news programs are not the only one with an uplift

    Screenshot 2020-03-26 10.06.55.png

  • The Belgian market is still largely a spot-by-spot buying market, which means we are facing lots of reworking with the reprogramming on all channels. However, reprogramming and larger audiences will give extra possibilities to optimize.


Evolution of  Digital  – Opportunities

  • Traditional newsbrands are outperforming A|V broadcasters on the web, esp. hyperlocal brands are doing well (regional editions). Qualitative newsbrands (De Standaard, Le Soir) are also doing well
  • The two main TV broadcasters on the web are also doing great in the French-speaking part of Belgium. In stark contrast, the Flemish TV broadcasters do not perform well on the web
  • The sales houses adapt their commercial offers (360°) and provide flexibility through their different supports

    Screenshot 2020-03-26 10.10.29.png

  • Finally, Belgian spend more times on Social Media
  • Qua Search, Re-Inforcement of phase 2 is a wake-up Call for Belgians

    Screenshot 2020-03-26 10.12.49.png

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