Congrats Kansas City Chiefs (Super Bowl LVII Winners) – What where the best TV Commercials ? (source:

AS USA picks five stand-out ads that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

William Allen

Update: February 12th, 2023 23:26 EST

Having shelled out a reported $7m per 30-second spot, the advertisers that bought Super Bowl LVII airtime also spared little expense in the creation of commercials destined to be seen by a nine-figure audience.

source: Super Bowl 2023: what were the best TV commercials? – AS USA

As ever, TV viewers were treated to an array of star-studded ads. These are five of our favorites:

PopCorners: Breaking Good

With the slogan “break into something good”, PopCorners reunited Breaking Bad duo Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to flog their potato chips.

Pepsi: Great Acting or Great Taste?

Ben Stiller got booted in the face and Derek Zoolander put in a welcome appearance in this chortle-worthy Pepsi ad.

Dunkin’ ‘Drive-Thru’

Ben Affleck manned the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru counter – and incurred the wrath of wife Jennifer López.

Squarespace: the Singularity

Adam Driver went full meta in this commercial for Squarespace: “a website that makes websites”.

T-Mobile: Bradley Cooper and His Mom

Bradley Cooper and his mother giggled their way through this ad for telecommunications company T-Mobile.