“I am Artificial ” is  my second personal blog project where I grab and share some news around Artificial Intelligence and Marketing.

I do it for my self (first as a personal note pad) & for you highlighting the most refreshing /usefull/exploitable facts

I try to mix sources based on the following keywords: AI, Marketing, Artifical Inteligence, Ethics, deep learning, predictice modeling, bots, robots, … and much more. 

Contacts: iamabridge@gmail.com

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Some facts about myself :

  • Belgian (Brussels) – 9th July 1968 / Married with Geneviève
  • more than 20 years of Media & Digital Strategy Experience, in a few words:

“Hugues began his carreer in ‘92 as Research Manager for Media+Square (now WPP Mindshare) and than as Research Director for Initiative Media in ‘98. In 2000, he created Fastbridge – the digitale agency of Initiative Media In 2006 & 2007, Hugues was the Digital Director Europe Middle East Africa for Initiative.
In 2008, he has been promoted as Chief Strategy Officer for Mediabrands.
He begon at Havas Media in Sept 2010 where he is now the CEO’s. Hugues is also active in many professional media associations (UMA (President 2012-2013) – CIM (president of TV Commission TV, former president Internet-commission) – GRP – IAB – …). He is also responsible for several readings at Solvay Brussels School .
In 2010, Hugues was very proud to receive a “Lifetime Achievement Award” during the Mixx Award”

In 2017, I had the great pleasure to give a lecture with Professor Hugues Bersini about A.I. and Marketing…

Started (officialy) 50 years ago, AI is now present in marketing. We estimate that it will take about 10 years to reach the plateau of productivity. But tests are supposed to start now.