Integrated Communication Process Acronym: BASTARD. Brief, Analyse, Strategy, Touchpoints, Advertising (Content), ROI, Debrief… And Repeat!

A methodology for building an omnichannel, creative and touchpoint communication plan by integrating a.o. briefing, brand and consumer analysis, consumer decision journey, business marketing and communication objectives, targeting, eco-system of sales and communication channels, phasing, creative options and content type, media buying and planning, ROI, predictive and prescriptive modelling, data exploitation and reporting…

In summary: A process that includes the tasks and roles of the advertiser marketers and the digital media creative consulting agencies.

This is the outline of the methodology of the course I teach at the Brussels School of Economics and Management: Integrated Communication (GEST S508) –

I also share a master of communication and media planning in Saigon every year on the same basis –