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Intermarché; “Nous sommes producteurs et commerçants pour vous aider à manger un peu mieux tous les jours. ”
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The evian babies are back, welcome to Baby Bay ! ‪#‎evianBabyBay‬ #BETC

The most eye-catching surf spot around – except here it’s the size of the surfers and not the size of the waves that turns heads.

Partners since 22 years, evian and BETC Paris, have set their latest film on an exotic, slightly rugged beach, treating the ears as well as the eyes with a cover of the classic Beach Boys hit “Kokomo”, performed by Lilly Wood and The Prick.

In this short film, a surfer falls when taking on a wave, then wakes up on a beach surrounded by stylish, cool, and incredibly young surfers – which might have something to do with the fact that the only bar on the beach is serving evian.

Staying true to the “Live young” signature, the film reaffirms evian’s vision of youth: a positive and universal value and an openness to the world and the unexpected, regardless of age.

Directed by James Rouse and produced by Wanda studios, the “Baby Bay” spot will be surfing the web from April 20th, before making waves on cinema and TV screens.

A virtual reality application designed by agency Versus Fully Tailored Creation in partnership with Quiksilver will present a fun and outlandish immersive 360° experience inside a wave. Put yourself in the shoes – or rather the wetsuit – of a baby and perform some iconic surfing moves. Available from April 19th on Google and Apple Appstores.

Who’s that girl ?

For the outdoor campaign, a famously baby-faced it-girl will be appearing in the US as a surfer with her baby lookalike. Find out who it is at the latest web surfer hotspot, the hub

Packs and bottles will display images of baby surfers, but also their adult versions, as they would have looked before drinking evian. A collector’s bottle that reveals the “babyfied” reflection of the film’s hero through the water will also be distributed in large retailers and convenient stores.

evian x colette:

The legendary Parisian concept store colette will also be experiencing a wave of youthful energy as of April 20th. Here, customers will find three baby surfer t-shirts, as well as special edition flip-flops for adults that leave a baby footprint in the sand.

Ah, one last message from the baby crab you’ll meet on hub : don’t leave your bottle on the beach. Remember that evian bottles are recyclable.

Norvegian Air Ad: Visually Impactful ! To complicated ?

Obviously 60 seconds to understand… but unforgettable.


Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Stockholm, Sweden
Interns: Axel Lokrantz Månsson, Mickel Yu
Media Agency: Vizeum
Production Company: bsmart

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Only ‘problem’ is that people are saying they’ve (M&C Saatchi) ripped off Eurostar’s and the Polish Chamber of Tourism’s ad from way back when (and 2008 respectively). If you ask me, imitation, flattery, all that. Get off your high horse. No one’s copying anyone, they’re taking a good idea a little bit further, and you’d be incredibly naive to think the world works in any other way. So there.




Bravo BETC & Havas Media ! La campagne Lacoste remporte le Grand Prix Effie Awards

Lors de la 22e soirée de l’efficacité de la communication étaient remis les très convoités prix Effie qui récompensent les annonceurs et leurs agences sur la base de l’efficacité mesurée et prouvée de leurs campagnes de communication. Grand vainqueur cette année, Lacoste avec le vertigineux baiser de «Life is a beautiful sport» mis en musique par BETC (agence médias : Havas Media ). Pour ce cru organisé par l’AACC et l’UDA, trente campagnes ont été récompensées dont dix d’un Effie d’Or

Le Grand saut en chiffres

Si Lacoste voulait recréer de la désirabilité avec ce positionnement, le pari est gagné et le petit croco s’incarne désormais en une marque de la pop culture . “Life is a Beautiful Sport” réancre au cœur de son discours les valeurs sportives de la marque tout en les connectant aux aspirations d’une cible moderne et urbaine. L’ensemble du dispositif de communication (dont le film « le Grand Saut ») a créé le bruit escompté autour de la marque. Les résultats  : forte croissance du chiffre d’affaires (+ 11 % lors des prises de parole de la marque en 2014 vs mêmes périodes de 2013), progression soutenue des ventes en volume (+ 8 % en 2014 vs 2013) ; image renforcée notamment sur des items de marque liés à la modernité et à la désirabilité (“me fait rêver” : + 15 points, “créative et innovante” : + 13 points, “contemporaine et moderne” : + 11 points. Source Lacoste BHT 2014 vs 2012).

Steinlager Pure – Born To Defy: Meet William Trubridge, 15 x World Champion FreeDiver and proud New Zealander, defying the world’s expectations 101m at a time

Amazing spot from DDB New Zealand for local lager Steinlager, featuring free diver William Trubridge, here taking a slow descent into the abyss. Great photography and an impressive ad, though we’re not quite sure how any beer, even Steinlager, can be said to defy anything other than perhaps sobriety..

Cannes Lions: 60 Years of Ad Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cannes Lions: 60 Years of Ad Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC].


Each year, around 11,000 members of the global creative communications industries come together to be inspired and educated at Cannes Lions.

Since 1954, the Cannes Lions Awards have set the benchmark for excellence in creative communications. Here is where you can find out more about the Awards, including details about pricing, the rules and who will be judging the work in 2013.

This infographic by SapientNitro explores the festival’s history, highlighting its growth through the decades and this year’s notable speakers.


Cannes Lions Festival infographic

Homepage image courtesy of Flickr, whippets.chrichri