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Infographic Shows Just How Huge The App Store Has Gotten | Cult of Mac

Infographic Shows Just How Huge The App Store Has Gotten | Cult of Mac. Charlie Sorrel (6:30 am PDT, Aug 20) A week! How long would it take you just to read the names of all the apps in the iOS

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Evernote : deux apps pour se souvenir de ses rencontres

07/12/2011 – 16:49 – Florian Innocente Evernote lance deux nouvelles applications iOS, l’une pour tenir un journal des personnes que l’on rencontre ainsi que le contexte et l’autre, sur le même principe, pour se souvenir de ce que l’on a

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CHART OF THE DAY: Watch Out Apple, Here Comes The Android Market

CHART OF THE DAY: Watch Out Apple, Here Comes The Android Market. This morning, Google announced that the Android Market had passed its 10 billionth app download. Apple got there first — it passed 10 billion in January. It also got there faster, hitting 10

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Apple Just Sold Its 15 Billionth App | Fast Company

Apple Just Sold Its 15 Billionth App | Fast Company. And it has made close to $6 billion in revenue from app sales. Its dominant spot in the smartphone and tablet industries looks more secure than ever. Apple‘s press release

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Le Mac App Store d\’Apple ouvrira le 6 janvier

via Informations Presse – Le Mac App Store d\’Apple ouvrira le 6 janvier. CUPERTINO, Californie — le 16 décembre 2010 — Apple a annoncé aujourd’hui que le Mac App Store allait ouvrir le jeudi 6 janvier. En apportant l’expérience du

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Top Trends of 2010: App Stores

via Top Trends of 2010: App Stores.   The Mobile Web has been a huge trend in 2010 and one output of that has been the emergence of app stores. It started of course with Apple’s App Store for the iPhone

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L’AppStore d’Apple franchit le cap des 3 milliards de téléchargements (Source:

L’AppStore vient d’atteindre en ce début d’année les 3 milliards de téléchargements d’applications destinées à l’iPhone et l’iPod Touch, 18 mois seulement après son inauguration. Et de trois ! L’AppStore, le kiosque de téléchargements d’applications d’Apple pour les iPhone

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Gala & Party - ImagibraineApril 24th, 2014 Havas Media 3 Times Nominated
IAB Atelier Advanced – Online Video
4.45 pm: What’s the future of video? – Hugues Rey (Havas Media)May 6th, 2014
12 days to go.
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    A long-running study of teens’ media habits in Germany points at dramatic changes since 1998. In just a few years, the internet has grown from niche to mainstream, transforming media behavior.
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    Brazil’s consumers spend more time with the internet than any other medium each day. However, internet penetration in the country is still low compared with more developed nations, and residents are more likely to turn on the TV than log online on a daily basis.
  • Article: Women Account for Nearly Half of UK Mobile Gamers April 23, 2014
    Women in the UK are becoming more digitally enabled, according to a new eMarketer report. Gaming is one area where there has been a particular surge in interest, and female mobile gamers are very much on par with their male counterparts. On top of that, they’re more likely than men to play games on tablets.
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