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Is this the end of Twitter?


On 08.13.09, In Twitter, by deep

With already the hype and all that competition in the social networking site, is this the end of micro-blogging site. Are we all done with the hype or is this going to go further to main-stream? These are few fundamental questions that technologist keep asking themselves, they spent their time studying the growth of new born technology and try to predict their future on it. There has been many dead – so to be called Next Big thing in the technology. Is twitter one of them, especially after facing such competition from the facebook? I don’t see how Twitter is reacting to all the things that are going in the facebook’s lab, but surely it must be hell lot of difficult times.

Below is one of the research paper being produced on the technology 2009. The research is based on the Gartner Hyper Cycle, before I explain the Cycle , lets look into the result of the findings.


So if you look at the chart above, you will find that Microblogging’s expectation is falling down. Right now in the peak is Cloud Computing and E-Book Reader (This might be something to do with Apple’s new tablet). So with time, the point for Micro-blogging is going to fall along the way and it may either settle down or it may get dropped.

Now, lets see the Gartner Hype Cycle,


This is how the Gartner’s flow looks like, it starts with innovations and R&D, then to Mass Media Hype and then slowly towards, Negative Press. The slope of enlightenment is where the technology gets rediscovered and then moves towards stable position. Now the question is will the micro-blogging get it self to plateau or gets drop down.

Below is the another chart which show the likely hood of any new technology going to the main stream.